Concussions may be very complicated and are high-risk injuries. A concussion not only affects a child’s ability to participate in sports but also affects every aspect of their life, especially school. During the first visit your child will have comprehensive evaluation by several of our concussion team members. A physician with a background in emergency and/or sports medicine with extensive training and experience with concussions will see your child. A psychologist with extensive school experience will also see them. The psychologist will be the case manager and will be directly involved with your child’s return to school. With your permission our team will communicate with the school and provide recommendations to help the school understand the unique aspect of each concussion and specific adjustments that are recommended.

We also have many specialists and therapists affiliated with our clinic to help treat the common complications that develop during a concussion. We believe that this active approach to concussion management helps with the recovery, especially for those who are at risk for a prolonged concussion.