Why should my child see a pediatric sports medicine specialist?

Children and teens often have injuries or illnesses affecting sports performance or the ability to exercise and stay active. Pediatric sports medicine specialists have the specialized expertise and extensive experience to approach and treat the wide range of injuries sustained by school-aged athletes.

We understand children and teens are not small adults. Our physicians are skilled and comfortable in adjusting their interaction and dialogue to accommodate each individual’s developmental stage. Injuries and medical problems affecting the bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints (or musculoskeletal injuries) in growing children are quite different from those more commonly seen in older patients. Pediatric Sports Medicine specialists offer a wide range of specialized treatment options specific to the age of the patient and types of injuries in the developing athlete.

Once the problem is identified, our entire staff starts educating the family with interactive educational material and unique teaching techniques to help the whole family fully understand the injury.